Clinical Pediatric Literature Updates from July 2012

Pulse Transit Time and Assessment of Childhood Sleep Disordered Breathing

Pulse transit time shows promise as a screening test for SDB associated with an AHI greater than 3. For less severe SDB, the validity of using the PTT to separate these conditions from primary snoring has not been demonstrated in a clinical setting.

Interactions of Obstructive Sleep-Disordered Breathing with Recurrent Wheezing or Asthma and Their Effects on Sleep Quality

When one of the two disorders is diagnosed, the possibility of the other disease being present should be entertained.

Utility of Preoperative Cardiac Evaluation in Pediatric Patients Undergoing Surgery for Obstructive Sleep Apnea

The lack of clinically relevant findings during preoperative cardiac evaluations suggests that aggressive cardiac workup in pediatric patients with OSA may not be indicated unless dictated by comorbidities

Algorithms for Using an Activity-Based Accelerometer for Identification of Infant Sleep-Wake States During Nap Studies

The Actical accelerometer, designed to measure physical activity, can reliably identify sleep in infants during napping…