Abstract Subcommittee


Toby Weingarten, MD is a Professor of Anesthesiology and Perioperative Medicine from the Mayo Clinic with over 130 publications in the peer-reviewed literature.  His primary research focus is perioperative outcomes with an emphasis in postoperative respiratory depression.  His work has led to interesting observations on the temporal distribution of postoperative respiratory arrests as well as patient and perioperative factors associated with these arrests.  He will share these observations with you today.

Eric Deflandre, MD, PhD, FCCP, FAHA

Committee Members:

Eva Christensson, MD – Karolinska University Hospital and Institutet

Anthony Doufas, MD, PhD – Stanford University 

Bhargavi Gali, MD – Mayo Clinic 

Roop Kaw, MD – Cleveland Clinic

Babak Mokhlesi, MD MSc – University of Chicago

Richard Moon, MD – Duke University Medical Center

Vladimir Nekhendzy, MD, FASA – Stanford University

Barbara Rogers, MD – The Ohio State Wexner Medical Clinic

Sakura Kinjo, MD – University of California, San Francisco