Newsletter Subcommittee


 Mahesh Nagappa, MD, MBBS is a leader in perioperative medicine, and he is presently medical director at London Health Science Centre, University Hospital. He is also an assistant professor at Western University, London, Ontario, Canada. His current research interests include Ambulatory Anesthesia, perioperative patient management, screening, treatment, and perioperative complications associated with obesity/OSA.



Jim Wong, MD, MS is the director of cardiovascular anesthesia at VA Palo Alto Health Care Systems. He is a Clinical Associate Professor (Affiliated) in the Department of Anesthesiology, Perioperative and Pain Medicine, Stanford University. He is currently interested in improving PAP adherence in the perioperative period, and the impact of PAP adherence on surgical outcomes.

Committee Members:


Vivian Asare MD – Yale University

Enrico Camporesi MD – TeamHealth Anesthesia

Eric Deflandre MD, PhD, FCCP, FAHA – Clinique Saint-Luc of Bouge

Sarah McConville MD – Oregon Health & Science University

Matthew Pearsall, MD – Children’s Hospital of Philadelphia

Yamini Subramani MD – Western University

Rajeev Subramanyam MD, MS – Children’s Hospital of Philadelphia

Colin Suen MD, PhD – University of Toronto

Toby Weingarten MD – Mayo Clinic

Christine Won MD, MSc – Yale University School of Medicine

David Wong MD – Toronto Western Hospital