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2021 Committee Nominations


To accomplish the Mission of SASM, the society relies heavily on the activities of its various committees, which are made up of active members of the society. All committee appointments will be made by the President of the Society (unless otherwise specified in the bylaws) after approval at the Board of Director Level.  The various committee chairs have considerable input into the composition of their respective committees. Active members of SASM are encouraged to participate in various committees.  Appointments to the committees are generally made upon the recommendation of committee chairs.


Members interested in participating on committees of SASM can complete a committee interest form, indicating their preferred committee(s) with a brief statement of interest, and submit this along with a CV.  The President of SASM will consult with the chair of the relevant committee(s) and the Board of Directors. They may decide to appoint an applicant to their chosen committee or may recommend other committees that are in need of members. The Board of Directors will review all potential appointments before their confirmation.


Committee chairs can directly nominate members to their committees and forward nominations along with CVs to the President for consideration by the Board. The President of SASM will attempt to fill all vacancies of the various SASM committees prior to the Annual Meeting to allow new members to participate in potential committee meetings at the SASM Annual Meeting (currently held in October).  Please note that most committee meetings are held via teleconference at the discretion of the committee chair, based on business in hand and the availability of its members.